NV-Gov: Steve Sisolak (D) Launches Website Exposing Adam Laxalt (R) As Trump/Koch Lackey

Received this e-mail today from Steve Sisolak’s (D. NV) gubernatorial campaign:

Steve Sisolak (D. NV)

The evidence is staggering. From serving special interest donors and shielding political allies to ignoring the will of Nevada voters, Adam Laxalt is no friend to everyday Nevadans.

That’s why we’ve launched LackeyLaxalt.com to get the truth out about Adam Laxalt’s record. No Nevadan should vote without knowing the facts.

We need you and all of our other supporters to share the facts on Facebook and Twitter. 

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Laxalt has continually put the needs of the Kochs, Donald Trump, and his special interest backers ahead of Nevada voters. Nevadans deserve better than Lackey Laxalt.

It’s important that all Nevadans know the real Adam Laxalt. Meet Lackey Laxalt and learn more about how he’s used his taxpayer-funded position to be a lackey for his dark-money donors. Then, share the truth with your friends.


Team Sisolak

P.S. — If you want to take the next step, donate $5 or more to Steve Sisolak today and help us get the word out about Lackey Laxalt >>

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