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NPR Writes Trump/Russia Case “Weaker than ever” – Gets Twitter Bombed.

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So NPR puts out this all things ill considered tweet this morning…


…touting it’s all things not considered article on the state of the Trump/Russia investigation…

“Political and legal danger for President Trump may be sharpening by the day, but the case that his campaign might have conspired with the Russian attack on the 2016 election is still unproven despite two years of investigations, court filings, and even numerous convictions and guilty pleas.

Trump has been implicated in ordering a scheme to silence two women ahead of Election Day in 2016 about the alleged sexual relationships they had with him years before.

That is a serious matter, or it might have been in other times, but this scheme is decidedly not a global conspiracy with a foreign power to steal the election.”

The writer of the piece, NPR’s national security editor Philip Ewing, goes on to make the Resident and right wing bloviators’ case that, despite the numerous guilty pleas of drumpf associates, no charges directly related to Russia collusion have been brought.

I guess he thinks those thousands of redacted lines in the public filings are just filler. 

Hey, Phil, folks typically plea bargain to avoid more serious charges, not to, despite what Hannity tells you, save on legal expenses or protect *innocent* family members. 

In any case, Ewing and NPR got schooled pretty quickly by peeps more in the know than I:







Looks like I can save that $40 shell out on a NPR tote this year…


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