I have a few thoughts. Perhaps they may seem random, perhaps not.

I watched all of each night, and some commentary both on cable and what I saw online.

These thoughts, however, are only mine,

They will not be in any particular order.

Make of them what you will.

Let me start with our moderator/hostess of last night. On Twitter I saw a lot of criticism, and I think it  was  misplaced. Yes some of the humor at times was biting, and that was the point.  It helped diffuse what could have been palpable anger and create an environment later in the program which was far more positive, even when there was DIRECT and appropriate criticisms of the current occupant of the Oval Office.  And I note that there was less and less of that the further we got into the program, and after Julia Louis-Dreyfus told us about Biden calling her after her diagnosis of cancer, as far as I recall there was none.

I read a lot of complaints this week about the presence of Republicans, and someone like Bloomberg, and the non-presence of Julian Castro. On a personal level I have found Castro annoying, and him not being present does not bother me because we saw a LOT of Latinos and Latinas, and it was good that most — like most of the people we saw- were NOT politicians, but ordinary folks to whom the audience could relate.   Personally I would have liked to see Inslee featured, but I am happy with the emphasis we heard, especially last night from Biden, on the environmental crisis the world is facing.

As far as Bloomberg, I thought his remarks last night were fine and well focused. Yes, Warren absolutely destroyed him in one debate, but that does not mean we should consign him to the scrap heap. I will discuss this more anon.