Personal Recommended Recovery Surgery

Now recovering from successful surgery

which lasted somewhat longer than  expected.   There was inflammation that had to be addressed, and a drain had to be put in temporarily (coming out tomorrow before I go home). Was told the blockage was “very bad” before this procedure, but fortunately the other carotid is unblocked.

I will have to be on Plavix or equivalent for the rest of my life.  Also remain on a statin.

I will need serious changes in diet.  After all, I also have a stent for an aortic aneurysm.

But I will be able to continue to lead a full life for quite some time.

I had a fair amount of pain when I was coming out of anesthesia, but that is now under control.

I have had to be catheterized to drain urine, but that may no longer be necessary.

 I am now fully alert, albeit still pretty tired.

And as a Government teacher, I was able to be awake enough to watch the votes come in on impeachment.

It will be about a week before I will be able to drive.  I will have to come off the painkillers.  I have a history of quick recovery, so I am hopeful of returning to my classroom on time on January 6.

Yesterday I thanked my students for letting me teach them.  I told them to honor and respect the school they are in, which even more than a community is a family — the principal stopped by to ask me to inform them of how the surgery went which  she did —  they were praying for me.

I am lucky.

Because I am tired, I am about to send my wife home to sleep  — she had very little last night.

I will go home at midday.  I have fresh sheets on the bed at home.

Thanks for all the concern and support.