Nothing Like Reading CNBC Articles – Harris's Donors Unimpressed, and Cramer Declares Biden Winner.

Nothing like reading the online version of “Where Politics and Business Meet.”  It shines a little light on what the patricians are thinking.  

First up, Harris’s wealthy donors are really not happy with her most recent debate performance:

Going into the Democratic primary debate in Houston, Harris’ closest supporters privately acknowledged that if the senator from California did not come out swinging against her opponents and clearly define her policies, wealthy donors could shy away from her campaign.

Many of them were hoping for a repeat of the aggressive tactics she used in the first debate, when she took on former Vice President Joe Biden for his willingness to work with segregationists as a senator in the 1970s.

Now these sources say that those uncommitted contributors are still not convinced they can dedicate their expansive networks to her cause alone.

This confirms what some have been leaking to the Washington Post, which I wrote a diary about yesterday.  Bad enough they may be telling Harris this at private fundraisers, but her wealthy donors feel no compunction about going public with their criticisms.

One source close to a political fundraising powerhouse in California, Harris’ home state and a region where she’s dominated in the fundraising game, said Friday that they had been having trouble persuading their donors to back her candidacy before the debate. The negative opinion didn’t change after the debate.

“I don’t think anything has changed, and it’s been grim,” this person said. Donors believe that on the debate stage Harris is still “unclear about her message and strategy,” this person said. They liked the “Trump focus,” this person said, “but there was too much odd laughter and canned lines.”

You know how many on Daily Kos give anyone a hard time who complains or criticizes fellow Democrats?  Seems that the donor class didn’t get that memo.  But when you have money, you don’t have to play by the same rules that us plebeians do.

I have nothing against Harris.  Even though I am a Warren supporter, I try to keep an open mind on her candidacy.  Yes, I don’t do that with several other candidates.

Cough:  Joe Biden.

But it is sort of amazing to see this public “DANCE FOR US HARRIS!” command from the donor class. 

And both CNBC and Fox are enjoying that Harris’s Senate colleague Dianne Feinstein is hosting a fundraiser for Joe Biden. 

I sense a pattern here of pissing on possible alternatives to Joe Biden.  Just a nagging feeling.  Must be my imagination.

On another note, the CNBC Tribune for the Plebeians, Joe Cramer, has provided us with his verdict on the third Democratic presidential debate:  Joe Biden slew that evil dragoness Elizabeth Warren!

Former Vice President Joe Biden asserting himself as the front-runner in Thursday night’s Democratic presidential debate was a positive development for stocks, according to CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

“Last night was a really important night for the stock market” because Biden held his own against left-wing champion Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Cramer said Friday on “Squawk on the Street.”

As Cramer has been reporting all week, bankers and corporate leaders are concerned about Warren’s rise in the polls and they’ve been telling the “Mad Money” host privately that her 2020 White House bid has “got to be stopped.”


“She didn’t do as well as Biden” in the debate, said Cramer. “You’ll see the banks go up.” He reasoned if Biden were to remain a strong frontrunner, the progressive proposals of Warren, and Sanders, would not become reality.

Ummmmm….That is not what 538 says, but who am I to quibble with Joe Cramer?  I know all those moderate Democratic voters will applaud having Joe Cramer backing Biden.  i know it gives me the warm fuzzies.

I will have to tune in more often to CNBC.