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Notable – Recalcitrant Kavanaugh Witness, Mark Judge, Is Represented By Trump's Personal WH Lawyer

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It was very notable, and damaging to J. Kavanaugh, when I heard that the only third-party, the only witness (even participant), in the “Kavanaugh Incident” was refusing to testify before the Senate.  Wow . . . no denial under oath?  But, of course, his non-appearance would not play out that way, and keeping him from testifying is no doubt priority no. 1 for the Republicans.  In the end, his failure to appear would not only harm Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s case, but would also keep this whole thing on a “fast track.”


Then I saw the letter from the lawyers for this Mark Judge, arguing that he should not be compelled to provide testimony under oath about this rape allegation.  So, I looked closely at his lawyer’s letter.  As a “big firm” lawyer myself, I wondered what law firm Mr. Judge could get for himself — an ordinary “civilian” suddenly pulled out of routine life to be the central witness in a high-stakes political battle for the Supreme Court, covered by the national and international press.  Who is prepared for that?  What lawyer do you call?

So, I looked at the letter . . . Cozen O’Connor?  Hmm.  Who are they?  I Googled it, and found Trump’s personal WH lawyer:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – November 27, 2017 – Cozen O’Connor announced today that James D. “Jim” Schultz is returning to the law firm from the White House, where he served as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Associate Counsel to the President in the office of White House Counsel. In his new role at Cozen O’Connor, Schultz will spearhead the firm's Government and Regulatory Practice.  He will advise regional and national clients in highly regulated industries and expand the firm's growing presence in Washington, D.C.

Aaah!   Not just a D.C. lawyer, or a WH lawyer, but a “Special Assistant to President Trump.”   And, having first been a partner at Cozen O’Connor, he now returns to be head of the firm’s Government and Regulatory Practice . . . and, now, the firm represents Mark Judge in his negotiations with Senate Republicans to be relieved of any obligation to testify concerning Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault.

I’m not saying that anything wrong or unethical is occurring here.   But don't you think that the appropriate, informative headlines should read:  


Because that is what is happening . . . .

And, btw, don’t think that the connection to Jim Schultz is some minor, attenuated thing.  Mr. Schultz has continued as a cable “talking head” supporter for Mr. Trump — including as a CNN “legal commentator” (no doubt under a Trump NDA).  And like most of Trump’s lawyers, he has proven to be fairly embarrassing.  Where does Trump find these chuckleheads? 

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