Not too early to plan for the Trump presidential library at Briny Breezes, Florida

A trailer park could be the site of the IMPOTUS presidential library.

It could OTOH, be another real estate grift that could be separate from the plan to put the Trump Tomb at Bedminister NJ near his golf course.

Not unlike his proposal to move Seoul, Korea away from the border with North Korea, moving the existing residents at Briny Breezes Florida should be easier. And the Trump Library site could be literally and figuratively under water eventually. Trump’s change of residence now makes him a potential favorite son.


BRINY BREEZES — A Palm Beach County trailer park could be the site of a future Donald J. Trump presidential library.

That’s the vision of James Arena, a real estate broker and resident of Briny Breezes, the 43-acre coastal town just south of Boynton Beach that’s made up entirely of a mobile home park.

Arena, an avid Trump supporter, says he thinks he can convince the president to buy the land and turn it into a personal monument. Arena said he has the ball rolling by reaching out to his friend, rapper and Palm Beach County resident Vanilla Ice, who is close to the Trump family.

“Vanilla Ice ran it by Donald Jr.,” Arena said of the president’s eldest son. “He called me back and said, ‘Man, I think they’re really into it.’”

Briny Breezes is a town in Palm Beach CountyFlorida, United States. The population was 411 at the 2000 census. Briny Breezes (or “Briny” as it is known locally) is a small coastal community of approximately 488 mobile homes along State Road A1A. Briny is a private community consisting mostly of “Snowbirds” from the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada. It and Ocean Breeze are the only two mobile home parks in Florida that are incorporated towns. 
As of the census[3] of 2000, there were 411 people, 266 households, and 129 families residing in the town. The population density was 5,912.5 inhabitants per square mile (2,267.0/km²). There were 534 housing units at an average density of 7,682.0 per square mile (2,945.4/km²). The racial makeup of the town was 99.27% White, 0.49% Asian, and 0.24% from other racesHispanic or Latino of any race were 0.49% of the population.


Host Chuck Todd asked Trump if he’d thought about a presidential library.

After saying, “I’m so busy,” twice Trump said, “I know a lot of people mentioned it to me, the presidential library.” Todd next asked if Trump knew where he’d want the library.

Then, the man who markets everything from his name to bogus for-profit colleges to steaks, went into money making mode and answered, “I have a lot of locations actually. The nice part, I don’t have to worry about buying a location.”


Even with Mar-a-Lago being promoted using taxpayer dollars and accusations of profiteering from his inauguration, just to name a few unsavory ways Trump and his family have attempted to make some side cash since his election, Chuck Todd was somehow surprised by the president’s response, saying, “I have to say, I didn’t see the idea of his library on one of his properties coming with that answer.”



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