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Not this time, Fox

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You know what? NO.

You don't get to do this. Not this time, Fox News.

During the violent insurrection at the Capitol building, everyone was on the same page. Our Capitol hadn’t been invaded since 1814. People couldn’t believe what they were seeing. No one dared empathize with the malevolent traitors to democracy. Even those on the right were horrified, both at the scenes at the Capital and with Trump’s blatant encouragement. 

Pipe bombs were left. The mob literally hunted for Mike Pence. A cop was murdered in the building. A woman was shot because of her steady diet of misinformation that the people at Fox News helped fuel.

The violence and death within the Capitol was shocking.  I knew, however, it would just be a matter of time before the right wing media would try to downplay what was happening. After all, this was completely their fault. That’s why I wrote the treason diary when it was happening, and demanded punishment be meted out to those politicians and pundits who will give aid and comfort to the insurrection.

Fox has tried to justify everything Trump has said or done in the past: his blatant racism, his sexual assaults, kids in cages, child separation policy, extortion of Ukraine, stabbing the Kurds in the back, letting Putin kill our soldiers, lining his pockets with Treasury money, pardoning war criminals, etc. etc. etc. But Trump’s sedition against our country finally seemed to be a step too far.  No one defended the president when it was happening. I wondered how long that would last.

One day. 

Fox News decided that maybe they were a little hasty in condemning the assault on our democracy.  

On Fox & Friends, the day after: 

PETE HEGSETH: These are not conspiracy theorists motivated just by lies. That's a bunch of nonsense that people want to tell us. These are people that understand first principles. They love freedom, and they love free markets. And they see exactly what the anti-American left has done to America.

Pete Hegseth, by the way, is the guy who published a book last year called American Crusade that literally called for the “annihilation” of Democrats. 

Trevor Noah did his usual compare and contrast that highlights the blatant hypocrisy. It was on point as always, but is utterly obscene that he was able to do this considering we are talking about an f-ing coup that Fox was meekly defending:



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Is Fox seriously going to just go back to the status quo of trying to justify every atrocity committed by Trump’s GOP?  If the honchos at Fox won’t even put their foot down against domestic terrorists trying to overthrow the government, what the hell is left?  

Our leaders need to call them out, as well as their advertisers and supporters. If Fox wants to excuse the seditionists, they can be the traitor network and no Democrat needs to give them a platform or a seat at the White House press office. They can be treated like Parlor or Gab or StormFront: an irrelevant hate speech arena populated by dead-enders committed to overthrowing the US government. 

Don’t do this, Fox. We won’t stand for it. And after the events of January 6, the American people would definitely understand why. 


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