Facebook Family friends Republicans Trumpsupporters

Not Sure This Is Good Anecdotal Evidence of Anything, but I'm Seeing Republican Silence on FB.

I’m on Facebook, but I do it to keep up with my relatives and friends.  I would prefer NOT to for many reasons, but when in Rome.  Anyway, I have conservative friends and relatives who publish all kinds of BS they get online.  I do not engage with them on politics for many reasons.

It’s a long story.

But I have noticed the last few days something is off.  I’m not seeing the usual postings.  Like what Merlin?  Well, I have a couple who regularly placed crap about how they were afraid that their young son would be falsely accussed of rape like Kavanaugh.

Yeah, that kind of shit.

But I’m not seeing it.  This could be because my friend has had some relapse with severe health issue.  But my relatives and other friends are known to post the usual suspect material.  And I’m not seeing it.  

They know that I’m liberal, but I try not to post too much on what I truly believe.  I do place likes and sometimes share some articles, but it is more likes on what some others post on FB.  And what I think has NEVER diminished what the conservatives I know post.  Not once.

But there does appear to be a noticeable drop off in postings to the usual BS.

Anyone else seeing this?