Not Sure That Daily Kos Should List Kentucky Governor's Race as Lean Republican.

I knew that Governor Matt Bevin was not popular with Kentuckians.  And I knew he was not even that beloved by his fellow Republicans.  But Bevin did not set the world on fire with his primary results today.  Bevin had three other Republicans running against him, but Bevin — the sitting governor — only took 52.4% of the Republican vote.  And the Courier-Journal was happy to point this out:

Incumbent Matt Bevin survived an unexpectedly tough primary challenge Tuesday to win the Republican Party nomination and seek a second term as governor.

But the relatively narrow margin indicated that Bevin's support among Republicans is strained, particularly in Eastern Kentucky.

With all counties reporting, Bevin and running mate Ralph Alvarado won 52 percent of the vote compared with 40 percent for State Rep. Robert Goforth and his running mate, Michael Hogan.

But many experts were expecting a much wider margin for an incumbent governor seeking re-election in a good economy against a little-known opponent.

“The governor obviously has some work to do within his party and in some regions of the state,” said Scott Jennings, a conservative political commentator and columnist for the Courier Journal.

Eastern Kentucky has probably been Republican the longest of all the regions in Kentucky.  

I’m not sure if Daily Kos should list this race as “lean Republican” anymore.  

  • May 22, 2019