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Not Sure About This Politico Story on Coats.

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I’m not so sure of this most recent “Beware Disloyal Trump Administration Officials! Your time is nigh!” from Politico.  If you are a Republican or a corporate Democrat who hates hippies, you can be sure to find a warm hug from the guys and gals at Politico.  On occasion, Politico will let us poor plebeians in on the thinking of the Cool Kids in D.C., and it appears that Dan Coats is in deep doo-doo with Trump.

Like we needed to be told that, but I digress…

 However, there is very vague references that there would be a firestorm if Coats is forced out of office.  This may be true.  Coats is a former Republican Senator in good standing, or so I would think.  

But I haven’t heard or seen firm pushback on firing Coats either.  I’m thinking about what happened with Jeff Sessions.  Trump was all set to fire Sessions, but Senate Republicans didn’t want to see the racist Keebler Elf shitcanned

19. We know that members of the GOP Senate have told Trump not to fire Sessions, their former colleague, and that they would be in no hurry to confirm a replacement, thus leaving Trump with Rod Rosenstein as the acting attorney general;

The Senate Republicans decided to finally leak to mutiple outlets — anonymously of course — that they would not have  a vote on a replacement for Sessions.  After informing the Incredible Trump, I’m sure he yelled, “TRUMP SMASH!”

21. The president is clearly furious that the person he sees as “his” top government lawyer — Attorney General Jeff Sessions — is not standing with him. Sessions is not standing against the law or against the investigations;

Anyway, I’m not entirely sure yet that there would be hell to pay if Coats was fired.  Maybe the Senate Republicans are telling the Incredible Trump that they will not replace Coats?  Shrugs.  I’ll believe it when the talking heads are reporting this.

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