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Not so random thoughts – impeachment, personal, and more

Today is Sunday, which means tomorrow I report for pre-operative stuff at the hospital for the forthcoming operation on Wednesday to address the stenosis (blockage) in my left carotid artery that caused my recent stroke.   While I have no intimations of forthcoming disaster, I will be undergoing general anesthesia, so I find it incumbent upon me to make certain arrangements jsut in case —  writing down instructions of various sorts both in case of my demise or my being disabled and unable to function.  That includes getting both an updated will and a new durable financial power of attorney signed, transferring most of my cash to my wife’s bank account (I usually lay all household bills including the mortgage) and so on. 

Besides these somewhat “mundane” and also hopefully unnecessary endeavors, I similarly want to record certain thoughts and observations just in case I am in the near future no longer able to do so.  Hence this posting, which admittedly will ramble across a number of disparate topics.

Now you perhaps have some idea of the remaining content, and can thus decide whether you wish to consider reading.