North Korean defector: Kim Jong Un likes Trump because Trump isn't moral

Gee, how long did it take him to figure this out? And what was his first clue? 


Well, Kim is right that Trump isn’t moral. But he's wrong to say that he doesn’t judge. For instance, he once tweeted this:


Ah, yes, the tweet that convinced a forlorn nation that Donald Trump was presidential material.

Maybe what Kim meant is Trump won’t judge you if you starve and enslave your people, but he will judge you if you cheat on Robert Pattinson. Because damn, girl! That is cold

So as long as Kim Jong Un stays Team Edward, he can keep sending innocent people to labor camps and murdering his relatives.

After all, Trump only judges you if you really step wrong. Like if you’re the mayor of a city that’s been devastated by a hurricane:


Hmm. I don’t think “immoral” is a strong enough word, frankly.

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