No, Washington Post, President Obama did NOT “suggest requiring everyone to vote”


Originally posted at Eclectablog.

Ya gotta admit, it's terrific clickbait, though, right?

Yesterday, the Washington Post ran a piece titled “Obama suggests requiring everyone to vote”. It was total clickbait that went nuts on Facebook. Other media outlets followed suit but it was the WashPo piece that went viral. And it's pretty provocative, right? I mean, what sort of dictator would take away your hard-earned patriotic right to not vote? We didn't send men and women to war for that! Here in the greatest nation on earth we have the liberty and freedom to not exercise our franchise and no dictator is going to take that away from us.

I'll bet they got some serious traffic from that headline. Unfortunately, it's a complete misrepresentation of what President Obama actually said. He was, in fact, responding to a reporter's question about limiting the amount of money spent in our elections and the corrosiv

Follow me after the orange squibbledigibbet for what he actually said, taken directly from the official White House transcript of the President's remarks.

  • March 20, 2015
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