No Smoking. NO SMOKING??? Is my Glock 9mm Allowed?

No Smoking.  You see the signs everywhere – EVERYWHERE!  A new one went up in my pharmacy – which is way in the back of the store.  NO SMOKING it says in bolded capital letters.  As though there might be some question about it.

I live in PA.  Smoking has been outlawed in all buildings other than homes.  Stores, restaurants, retail shops, malls, diners, office buildings, sporting arenas, etc., etc., etc.  Even bars were included in the ban, but they can apply for a special exemption and those who get it usually have a sign out front that says “Smoker Friendly” on it.  I'm a smoker (hoping to quit – again – this weekend) and I'm cool with the ban.  We go outside, we smoke, we come back in.  No big deal.  Even in winter, when it can get bitterly cold and windy – no big deal.

If you light up inside though, you could be prosecuted.  And the signs are on the front doors everywhere.

But I have a very serious question.  Meet me below the Kospaghetti where we're going to hammer this out.