No Shame in My Game

Think of the last time your five-year-old lied to you.  They hemmed and hawed, shuffled their feet in their tiny multi-colored laced sneakers, then stared down at them and not at you. The natural inclination for most of us is to feel a bit of shame when we lie, not raise our voices, double down on the fabrication and belt out a bigger lie; yet we have Donald Trump, who has no shame in his game.  With Republican Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, on a leash, the President led a barrage of insults and juvenile behavior—in his latest rally, with a staged background of supporters, wearing “read the transcript” t-shirts.

The only thing sillier would be a bank robber telling the cops where to find a digitally-enhanced video of their crime.  In more naïve times, say in my childhood, I would be spanked for lying. Later generations made you stand in a corner, then video games were taken away, and now kids are given a pill.  It is obvious, Mr. Trump has never been spanked except from maybe a porn star. If he stood on a corner, say Fifth Avenue, he would shoot you. His video game use, Twitter, is out of control and he allegedly despises drugs; What is left?    

…we are

Republicans have adopted two tracts to explain Donald Trump, either he or his staff is too “incoherent” to collude or extort, or we know he is “crazy” and the American people say that is okay.  The Republicans have told us, Trump, is kooky, a moron, a liar, and the White House antics are like being in an “adult daycare center.” This next election comes down to Democrats, there is no argument; liberals, progressives, moonbeam followers or however your label your enlightened politics, we are needed to save our democratic republic. Republicans have abdicated their responsibility and relinquished the country to someone they admit is incoherent and childish.

About that cute little puffy cheeked kid, we discussed earlier, would you turn over your family finances to him or her? If your home catches fire, would you have your little darling man the extinguisher? Would you allow ‘Binky Boo’ the authority to make the choices as to who sits in the judgment of your lives and freedoms? For the smart alecks, some of you would say yes, but for the sake of serious debate, the obvious answer is a resounding NO! Spinning your wheels, uselessly debating with Trumper[s] about whether the President should be impeached has already been answered.

If Donald Trump stood on Fifth Avenue a phalanx of his supporters would furnish him with ammunition. So, stop with the worries about their economic anxiety, his followers will tell you the economy has never been better, tax cuts, black unemployment, the stock market, yadda, yadda, yadda. Colorado, not Mexico paying for his vaunted wall is just fine with them.   Coal miners… oh well, don’t take him literally.

Democrats, Independents, and pseudo-Independents the time is drawing nigh (just wanted to use a word Mr. Trump could not define). If Republicans will not participate and do their jobs, it is time we do ours.

Vote in 2020 for Change