no more celebrity candidates, please, we're Americans

Unfortunately, celebrity lends itself to mythology, and American ideologies are fascinated by fame and fashion. We haven’t yet turned that corner despite previous guy. Then again TMZ caught Jenner off-guard yesterday about her GOP beliefs.

…Rob Stutzman, a GOP consultant in the state who advised Schwarzenegger’s winning recall campaign, said there are key differences between Jenner and Schwarzenegger, who was then arguably the biggest movie star in the world.

“There’s famous and then there’s Arnold Schwarzenegger famous,” he said, rejecting the idea that Trump had turned voters against celebrities.

“People will say they don’t like celebrity candidates until there’s a celebrity candidate they like,” he said. “A lot of Democrats hated Donald Trump, but they might be pretty enthralled with Matthew McConaughey. … It’s still about winning and likability.”

Much else is also different this time around.

California has grown even more Democratic over the past 20 years, making it harder for a Republican, especially one who openly backed Trump, to gain traction.…


  • May 2, 2021