Our country is in trouble when a news company requires that it's reporters use hazmat suits if they have an interview with Trump.

Wanna talk to Trump? Hazmat suits required!

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Trump has brought a new reality to the White House let alone the country. I thought I was in the twilight zone while listening to this report by Washington Post journalist Ashley Parker.

Noting that Donald Trump is trying to return to public engagements at rallies and with reporters, news agencies must make provisions to protect reporters covering him.

“You have different people handling it in different ways,” Ashley Parker said. “The president himself tried to pretend it away. The last thing I will say, for those people who do interact with the president, a private memo went out to senior staff. And if you are going to meet with him, they have something called an isolation cart. Before you go you have to put on, basically, we will put in a full hazmat suit, a yellow gown, protective eyewear, gloves, and goggles.”

In other words, the White House is a hazard zone. Even Majority Leader / Trump enabler Mitch McConnell stays far away as reported by BBC.

Speaking to reporters in Kentucky, Mr McConnell said he steered clear of the White House in the last two months “because my impression was their approach to how to handle this was different from mine”.
He later also noted that he “personally didn't feel that they were approaching the protection from this illness” in the way he felt “was appropriate for the Senate”.
While the top Republican has called for masks and distancing, he has stopped short of enacting a mask mandate in the Senate. As the majority leader of the upper chamber, Mr McConnell is responsible for making such rules.

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