No I'm Not Going To Join In


I have decided to avoid the discussion of you know whom, about you know what, on DKos completely.

I have also decided to avoid it all together on other diaries as the comments cannot be collapsed and I have seen things that should remain unseen, I do hope this is rectified soon.

I’m sure some will believe that they can change both mine and others minds, I’m sure they believe their arguments to be persuasive. I’m sure some will say later on, I told you so and off we will jolly go again.

Whatever I have said in the past still holds true and yes, I discuss you know what elsewhere, and in general with those undecided between you know whom. The faithful, I’ll leave them alone.

So when the wreck list drives you crazy, come sit with me under the willow tree and we can discus all that goes Trump in the night.


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