Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Cory Booker’s (D. NJ) re-election campaign:

It’s this simple: no one should be forced to go to work sick, no one should be forced to leave a sick family member to go to work, no one should be forced to choose between taking care of themselves or their loved ones or collecting a paycheck.

Cory has been working hard throughout this public health crisis, advocating for funding and support for essential workers and those on the front lines of fighting the COVID-19 virus.

Will you add your name to our urgent petition demanding Congress expand paid family and sick leave through the rest of this crisis and beyond? If you support paid leave as a worker’s right, we need you to join us on this one.

Cory has always been a champion for workers and workers’ rights, and this crisis has only underscored the importance of the fight for labor protections.

He immediately sprung into action early in this coronavirus crisis, advocating for widening the social safety net by expanding unemployment insurance, calling for emergency funding to support child care and elder care costs for workers on the front lines, and urging major companies like Amazon to provide safer working conditions for their employees.

Cory will keep advocating for more resources and support for as long as this crisis continues — and beyond.

If you agree that paid sick and family leave is a fundamental right, please add your name to our petition. It’s important that we build as much public support as possible, so we’d really appreciate it if you signed your name today.

Thanks for standing up for workers.

Click here to add your name.

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