Nina Turner speaking at Bernie’s Nevada victory party

Nina Turner appeared on stage soon after Bernie Sanders was declared the landslide winner of the Nevada caucus. She made it clear there was a lot of work still to do even with the continual incoming flak.

Her speech is well worth listening to because it is clear it is anathema the MSNBC and other mainstream media networks' characterization of the Bernie Sanders campaign. She was inspiring and welcoming to all.

Nina Turner's inspiring & welcoming speech after Bernie's landslide Nevada win.

Nina Turner pointed out the need to not take the Nevada landslide for granted. She also stressed to the audience that they must approach all people respectfully as they are all the face of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

No one is a better surrogate for Bernie Sanders. She has a strong rapport with his supporters that that is always adoring. In fact, many of these supporters want her considered for the vice presidency if Bernie wins the nomination.

Everyone at the watch party understood that the Bernie Sanders campaign is fighting an uphill battle even though it is clearly ahead in the race. The plutocracy via the mainstream media continues to move the goal pole and change the narrative. This does not bother either the Sanders' supporters, his surrogates, or his supporters. Many said they wear it as a badge of honor.

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