Nicolle Wallace slams GOP: Day the GOP broke up with The Constitution. They are impervious to truth.

Nicolle Wallace did not mince words with statements that justifiably disparaged the Republican Party for the immoral body it has become.

Nicolle Wallace show pity for the GOP

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By a vote of 56 for and 44 against, the Senate ruled that it was constitutional to have Donald Trump's impeachment trial. Only one more Republican, Bill Cassidy (R-LA), joined the original GOP cohort.

The video showed the violence and inhumanity of the insurrection by people who behaved like a wild, uncontrolled herd of animals hunting for politicians' blood. It was an attempted coup.

Even as this was a coup incited by Donald Trump, the first thing his attorney, Bruce Castor. did was to throw the insurrectionists under the bus. While the House Impeachment Managers were well prepared with fact-based information, Trump's attorneys were terrible. Donald Trump is said to be unhappy with his attorney.

After the first day of Trump's trial, MSNBC Conservative host Nicolle Wallace was visibly deflated by her former party.

“When you look at that Republican vote,” Nicolle Wallace said. “It could have been Linus and Charlie Brown. They don't care. This is a story about Republican subservience. It's also always going to be the day that the GOP broke up with The Constitution.”

Unfortunately, many Republicans, according to reports on MSNBC, refused to look at the compelling video the impeachment managers played. Wallace was not done. She pointed out that Constitutional Scholar Chuck Cooper made it clear the trial was constitutional. Then she had this to say about the GOP.

“They are now impervious to the truth as a political party,” Wallace said. “They are now not capable of hearing facts. So, all-consuming to an ousted, de-platformed ex-president.”

Nicolle pointed out a sad reality. The fact that these guys who were pinned down in the Capitol fearing for their lives still coming out and voting the way they did on January 6th say much.

“The fact is, a party that comes out of hiding, out of shelter for their lives, and votes to disqualify an election they all know was not fraudulent,” Wallace said. “Is irreparably broken.”

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  • February 10, 2021