Melania Trump gave a speech at the Republican National Convention that was full of misinformation. Many in the MSM praised it. Nicolle Wallace & Alicia Menendez completely deconstructed the speech.

Nicolle Wallace & Alicia Menendez did not fall for it

Watch the full episode here.

Melania Trump was tasked to give a speech in the Rose Garden at the White House for the Republican National Convention. Unfortunately too many in the mainstream media gave her a pass. The Washington Post wrote the following.

Melania Trump made a grand entrance as the final speaker on Tuesday evening. She strode along the dramatically lit colonnade and into the recently refurbished Rose Garden — the most obvious example of her work as first lady. Dressed in an olive jacket and skirt with a wide belt cinched around her waist, she settled in behind the lectern set up before a modest audience and locked in on the teleprompters. Her eyes were wide and her start was stiff, but as she began to talk about her parents — thanking them for their love and support — she smiled and relaxed.

Nicolle Wallace and Alicia Menendez did not buy into any of the false adoration. After all, the speech attempted to snow the American people. Both of these MSNBC hosts simply deconstructed her speech and illustrated the lies and hypocrisy. They also reminded the audience that this woman with a checkered immigration past was a birther.

If we are to get this election right, truth will have to matter. We cannot be emotional or fall for the con that the Right-Wing leadership is famous for as they create alternate states of realities.

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