Nice Graphic From NYT on Early Voting Turnout So Far.

Here is the link to the New York Times Graphic on early voting turnout state by state:…

As you can see, they have also included the early voting as a percentage of the total votes of 2014 on this graph.  For those of us who are still praying, keeping our fingers crossed, or just hoping for entropy for the U.S. Senate races, the top four are where we have some outside or bank shots to take a Senate seat:  Nevada, Arizona, Tennesse, and Texas.

I got curious because I wanted to see early voting in Indiana.  It’s above 2014 early voting, but, so far, it’s running only 21% of the final vote in that year.  They get to vote early up to election day there.  Not sure what this might mean for Joe Donnelly.

And I wanted to see how North Dakota was doing.  More early voting going on there than in 2014 with it being 37% of the total vote in 2014.  Like anyone else, I have been wanting some news on Heitkamp, but they do not bother to poll there often.

As for the governor races, looks like Abrams might be doing well in Georgia, assuming those voters are coming out in spite of Kemp’s voter suppression tactics.  I keep hearing conflicting information on Florida.  Early voter turnout is high, but some analysts or is it just talking heads? point out that Republicans normally show up during early voting and Democrats come out later in Florida.

Could be just the media trying to make this all a horse race.

Yes, early voting is not predictive of the final outcome, but Democrats get fucked when the number of voters is low, as in 2014.  I will be cautiously encouraged for now.  

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