Received this e-mail today from singer-songwriter, Carole King, in support of U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s (D. NH) re-election campaign:


I’ve been friends with Jeanne Shaheen since 1984. I’ve watched her serve Granite Staters for decades. And I was proud to attend her inauguration as governor in 1999, the year that New Hampshire became the first state to be led by a female governor, Senate president, and House speaker. Of course. It’s New Hampshire.

The future of our country depends on Democrats winning a decisive majority in the Senate this fall – and it’s CRUCIAL that Granite Staters reelect Jeanne Shaheen.

Will you join me in the fight to reelect Senator Shaheen?

As an activist, a governor, and now a U.S. Senator, Jeanne’s commitment to progressive values has never wavered. She’s been a fierce advocate for women, a key voice in the fight to protect reproductive rights, and an environmental leader.

We need Jeanne Shaheen in the U.S. Senate now more than ever!

Will you pitch in $3 right now?

We know Trump, Pence, and McConnell want to win this Senate seat badly. And we know that outside groups are dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars of undisclosed money into New Hampshire to turn the Granite State RED.

Well, they may have dark money, but we have more people – and it’s going to take every one of us to help Jeanne win this election.

Can I count on you to chip in right now to help us win in New Hampshire and take back the Senate majority?

Did you know that the last Senate race in New Hampshire was decided by only 1,017 votes? That’s why we need to win in numbers too big to ignore, suppress, or dispute.

Every dollar matters – and we can’t afford to fall short.

I told Jeanne I'd help her raise $10,000 to protect New Hampshire’s Senate seat, and we need to hit that goal before midnight tonight. Will you join me in contributing?

Thank you so much!

Click here to donate to Shaheen’s re-election campaign.

P.S. Since Carole King’s Tapestry is one of my all-time favorite albums:

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