Received this e-mail today from Executive Council Member Andru Volinsky’s (D. NH) gubernatorial campaign:


This past Tuesday, I was appalled to see the headlines and photos coming out of Wisconsin after their conservative Supreme Court refused to delay the election.

It stirred me to write an op-ed making the case for New Hampshire to plan ahead and implement no-excuse absentee voting by mail.

No one should be required to stand in line at a polling place in the midst of a pandemic and risk their lives to exercise their most basic and fundamental right in a democracy.

New Hampshire must plan ahead and implement no-excuse absentee voting by mail—add your name to have my back on this.

For years, I’ve supported the idea that all eligible voters should be able to cast their ballot by mail. And this current global pandemic only makes it even clearer that no-excuse absentee voting by mail is the safest way to vote.

Thirty-three states and the District of Columbia allow it. Unfortunately, just last year Governor Sununu vetoed the no-excuse absentee voting bill because he believes in a tradition of in-person voting—a system that clearly favors some over others.

If you think it’s time for Governor Sununu to step up and make sure all Granite Staters can practice their right to vote safely, then add your name in favor of no-excuse absentee voting by mail.

Voting should always be made easier, not harder. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, and New Hampshire deserves a governor who takes voting seriously.



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