NFL player & friends asked to leave Chipotle ’cause white customer uncomfortable.

The Right gets upset when we call out systemic racism. This week black football player Darius Leonard was thrown out of a Chipotle restaurant. Last week Marcia Grant and her family were denied entrance into Ouzo Bay restaurant under the pretext of her son's attire even as another white family similarly attired was eating there.

Chipotle throws him out of their restaurant

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According to Darius, who was at Chipotle eating with his family and friends, they were discussing Black Lives Matter. A white customer complained to the manager of the store that they were abusing and talking trash to him. That was false,

Darius said they wanted to call the police on them. He left.

We do not need another encounter between the police and a black man falsely accused and potentially murdered for no offense. He did the right thing.

One would think that with all the protests, rallies, and blatant racism shown on video day in and day out that restaurants and other businesses would ensure their employees are trained to be racially fair. I do not particularly like the word tolerance as one does not just want to be tolerated but respected.

Source: Chipotle suspended a manager after Darius Leonard said he was racially profiled – CNN

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  • June 28, 2020