News Shows and Nothingburgers.

OK. This will piss off some Rachel Maddow fans, but given all that is going on with the Trump Administration, couldn’t Rachel have found something else to do besides interview Sally Yates?  I have nothing against Sally Yates, but after 30 minutes of Rachel’s build up, what did we learn?  

  • The White House Counsel probably lied when he said that he had not been briefed by Sally Yates on any investigation into Flynn.

Earth shaking news.

And Yates answers to other questions:

  • Yates still doesn’t know why Trump didn’t fire Flynn for 18 more days after being informed that Flynn was compromised by the Russians.
  • Given that Manafort is such a scumbag with years of being a scumbag, was Manafort under DOJ investigation before the appointment of Mueller?  She can’t comment on that.

How enlightening.

I just need to vent about that.