So this is what happens when you take a cautious, science-based approach to a deadly pandemic. You reopen your economy safely! How bizarre.

After reporting no new COVID-19 cases for more than two weeks, New Zealand has now lifted nearly all the restrictions it put in place in response to the novel coronavirus, allowing the country to move to level one in its four-tier coronavirus alert system. 

BBC News:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters she did “a little dance” when she was told the country no longer had any active virus cases.

“While we're in a safer, stronger position, there's still no easy path back to pre-Covid life, but the determination and focus we have had on our health response will now be vested in our economic rebuild,” Ms Ardern said.

“While the job is not done, there is no denying this is a milestone. So can I finish with a very simple, 'Thank you, New Zealand'.”

New Zealand established its alert system after going into lockdown on March 25. Five weeks later, it moved to level three, which permitted some non-essential businesses to open back up. The move to level 1 comes ahead of schedule, as the government had originally eyed June 22 for a full reopening.

Now, I know it’s not fair to compare apples to orange assholes, but here’s where we are right now:

This sucks, by the way. In case you were wondering.

Oof! How did that happen?

So we have 1,136,127 more active cases than New Zealand, which took a sane, measured approach to reopening its economy. It’s almost as if competent leadership makes a difference or something.

Who would have ever thought?

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