Some good news today out of Virginia courtesy of Virginia Commonwealth University’s latest poll:

Biden leads Trump by 10 percentage points among likely voters in Virginia. When likely voters were asked how they would vote if the election were held today, 51% said Joe Biden, while 41% said Donald Trump. This represents an increase in support for Biden of 7 percentage points since our last reporting in December 2019. Gender and level of education are significant to the vote choice. Women prefer Joe Biden by 21 percentage points (57% Biden/36% Trump) and men prefer Trump by 4 percentage points (48% Trump/44% Biden). Those with a college degree or
more prefer Biden by 24 percentage points (58% Biden/34% Trump) compared to those with a high school diploma or less who prefer Trump by 13 percentage points (53% Trump/40% Biden). Regionally, Biden has strong support in Northern Virginia (62% Biden/28% Trump) with a smaller lead in the Northwest, South Central and Tidewater. The West prefers Trump by 9 percentage points (Trump 52%/Biden 43%). Note: The survey was conducted before Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign.

Let’s keep up the momentum. Click here to donate and get involved with Biden’s campaign.

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