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New Quinnipiac National Poll Has Joe Biden Beating Trump 52-42

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Some good news today courtesy of Quinnipiac University’s latest poll:

In the race for the White House, former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump 52 – 42percent among likely voters in a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University national poll released today. Those numbers are unchanged from a September 2nd national poll when Biden led Trump 52 – 42 percent.

“Voters think Biden is smarter, more honest, more level headed, and cares more about Americans than the president. And that, in part, translates into a ten-point lead,” said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

Democrats back Biden 96 – 2 percent, independents back him 49 – 41 percent, and Republicans back Trump 91 – 7 percent.

Ninety-four percent of likely voters who selected a candidate for president say their minds are made up,while 5 percent say they might change their minds.


Looking ahead, 47 percent plan to vote in person on Election Day, while 34 percent plan to vote bymail/absentee ballot, and 15 percent plan to vote at an early voting location.

Among voters who say they plan to vote in person on Election Day, 57 percent support Trump while 35percent support Biden. However, among voters who plan to vote by mail/absentee ballot, 68 percent back Biden while 26 percent support Trump. Among those who plan on voting at an early voting location, 65 percent support Biden, while 34 percent support Trump.


Just 30 percent of likely voters think the country will know the winner of the presidential election on Election Night, while 63 percent say they think we will not know.

“Don't hold your breath on Election Night. Nearly two-thirds of likely voters don't anticipate going tobed on November 3rd with the election settled,” added Malloy.

Sixty-six percent of likely voters say they are either “very” or “somewhat” concerned that a foreign government may try to interfere in the 2020 presidential election, while 33 percent say they are either “not so concerned” or “not concerned at all.”


Biden receives a mixed favorability rating, as 45 percent have a favorable opinion and 45 percent have an unfavorable opinion. President Trump has a negative favorability rating, as 41 percent have a favorable opinion and 55 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

Likely voters give Biden better scores than Trump on six personal traits, as they say:

  • 49 – 43 percent that Biden is honest, and 59 – 35 percent that Trump is not honest;
  • 50 – 42 percent that Biden has good leadership skills, and 55 – 43 percent that Trump does not;
  • 58 – 36 percent that Biden cares about average Americans, and 53 – 45 percent that Trump does not;
  • 56 – 37 percent that Biden is level headed, and 61 – 36 percent that Trump is not level headed;
  • 65 – 30 percent that Biden is intelligent, and 52 – 44 percent that Trump is also intelligent;
  • A split 49 – 47 percent that Biden does not share their values, and 56 – 41 percent that Trump does not share their values.


Likely voters were asked who would do a better job handling five issues:

  • On handling the economy, Trump 49 percent, Biden 48 percent;
  • On handling the military, Biden 49 percent, Trump 46 percent;
  • On keeping you and your family safe, Biden 51 percent, Trump 44 percent;
  • On handling the response to the coronavirus, Biden 55 percent, Trump 39 percent;
  • On handling racial inequality, Biden 56 percent, Trump 36 percent.

“It's a toss-up on who best can manage the economy, but a thumping for Trump on race and who would best handle the coronavirus,” added Malloy.

here’s today’s polling roundup in the states:



— Political Polls (@Politics_Polls) September 23, 2020

NOTE: That Georgia poll is identical to their July poll but this one shows Rev. Raphael Warnock (D. GA) improving in the special election while other polling has shown Jon Ossoff (D. GA) leading or tied.



— Political Polls (@Politics_Polls) September 23, 2020


— Political Polls (@Politics_Polls) September 23, 2020


— Ronald Brownstein (@RonBrownstein) September 23, 2020


— Political Polls (@Politics_Polls) September 23, 2020

We’ll get more results from this tomorrow:



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