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Some good news today courtesy of Qunnipiac University’s latest poll:

In a head to head match up between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, Biden beats Trump 49 – 41 percent. Republicans go to Trump 91 – 7 percent, while Democrats go to Biden 91 – 4 percent and independents favor Biden 44 – 35 percent.

The president's favorability rating remains underwater, as 41 percent say they have a favorable opinion of him and 52 percent say unfavorable. However, his rating has improved from the March 9th Quinnipiac University poll, in which he had a negative 39 – 58 percent rating. Today, voters have a split opinion on Biden, as 43 percent say they have a favorable opinion and 43 percent say unfavorable, little changed from the March poll in which he had a slightly positive 45 – 40 percent rating.

When asked who would do a better job handling a crisis, voters say 51 – 42 percent that Biden would do abetter job than Trump. Biden tops Trump by a similar margin on health care, as voters say 53 – 40 percent that he would do a better job than Trump at handling the issue. However, voters say 49 – 44 percent that the president would do a better job than Biden handling the economy.
2,077 self-identified registered voters were surveyed nationwide from April 2 – 6 with a margin of error of +/- 2.2 percentage points.

And Monmouth University released their latest poll and it shows that reality is catching up to Trump:


Public confidence in the federal response to the coronavirus outbreak has dipped and most Americans say that Washington is not doing enough to help the states hit hard by this pandemic. The Monmouth (“Mon-muth”) University Poll finds that the nation’s governors continue to earn praise for their response to the pandemic, while approval of President Donald Trump’s actions has dropped.  The poll also finds that Dr. Anthony Fauci is the most widely trusted face in the government’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, but pockets of the public remain skeptical of the extent of the emergency.

Americans have become less satisfied with actions taken by the federal government to slow the spread of the virus over the past few weeks. A majority (54%) say the federal measures have not gone far enough (up from 45% who said the same in late March). Another 35% say these measures have been appropriate (down from 47%) and 7% say they have gone too far (similar to 6% last month).

A majority of the public is at least somewhat confident that the country will be able to limit the outbreak’s impact over the next few weeks, but this confidence has dropped since last month. Currently, 15% are very confident (down from 25%) and 38% are somewhat confident (similar to 37% in March).  Another 24% are not too confident (up from 21%) and 21% are not at all confident (up from 15%).

By contrast, most Americans are satisfied with the actions taken by state government. Six in ten (60%) say the steps taken by their individual states have been appropriate, while just 30% say they have not gone far enough, and 8% say they have gone too far. These results are nearly identical to last month’s poll (62% appropriate, 25% not far enough, 9% too far).

A majority of the public (55%) say that the federal government is not doing enough to help states that have been hit hard by the outbreak. Just 37% say that Washington has done enough and 3% say it has done too much to help these states.

“Most Americans disagree with the Trump administration’s position that the federal government is a backup to the states. The public seems to view this as a national crisis that requires a national response on par with the aggressive approach taken by the states,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

State governors (72% good job to 21% bad job) and health agencies in the federal government (66% to 25%) continue to earn the highest praise for the way they have been dealing with the outbreak. Public opinion for these two groups is similar to last month’s Monmouth poll (72% to 18% for governors and 65% to 24% for federal health agencies). Public praise for the nation’s governors remains bipartisan with 74% of Democrats, 71% of Republicans, and 70% of independents saying their governor has done a good job dealing with the situation.

Americans have become more negative on the president’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, with 46% saying he has done a good job and 49% saying he has done a bad job. Just over two weeks ago, he received marginally positive reviews of 50% good job and 45% bad job. Those saying he has done a good job range from 87% of Republicans to 45% of independents and just 16% of Democrats.  Trump’s overall job rating has also ticked down, now standing at 44% approve and 49% disapprove. Last month he earned a 46% to 48% rating, but his current numbers look more like his 44% to 50% rating in February.  It is important to note that the differences in Trump’s job rating from February to March to April are all within the survey sample margin of error.

We still have a while to go and we can’t get complacent so we need to keep up this momentum. Click here to donate and get involved with Biden’s campaign.

  • April 8, 2020