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New poll proves Republicans live in a fantasy world where our number of COVID deaths is 'acceptable'

These are gobsmacking, jaw-dropping numbers, and they tend to make me think Jim Jones and David Koresh were underachievers.

Wow. I mean, WOW. These people are kookaburra cray-cray devotees of Cocoa Puffs.

CBS News:

Republicans see an America — to borrow Ronald Reagan’s famous test — better off today than it was four years ago, mainly, they say, because of their confidence in President Trump.

For most Republicans, America is a nation where the economy is still fairly good, where the effort to handle the coronavirus is going at least somewhat well and the president is doing a very good job on it. For them, the virus elicits less concern in the first place. They believe the 170,000 fatalities is an overstated count and one which, for many, can so far be considered acceptable. And it is a nation where, for an overwhelming number of Republicans, there has been too much focus on racial discrimination of late.

And so as their convention begins, one test for the GOP appears whether they can persuade more Americans to join them in these assessments.

Uh, no. They can’t. No more than they can persuade me that Donald Trump was sent by God or that my dog will poop fresh salsa if I force-feed him enough cilantro and tomatoes.

There are lots of nice colorful charts at the link, but here’s the bottom line. REPUBLICANS ARE SHITHOUSE CRAZY, YO!

First off, the state of the country:

Is America better off than four years ago?

  • Yes: All voters, 35 percent. Republicans, 75 percent

Why is America better off than four years ago?

  • Confidence in Donald Trump: 82 percent
  • The U.S. economy: 70 percent
  • Democrats are not in power: 70 percent
  • My own family’s finances: 64 percent

Condition of national economy

  • Good: All voters, 35 percent. Republicans, 67 percent
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U.S. dealing with coronavirus

  • Going well: All voters, 38 percent. Republicans, 73 percent
  • Going badly: All voters, 62 percent. Republicans, 27 percent

Oh, and my favorite!

Number of U.S. deaths from coronavirus has been …

  • Acceptable: Republicans, 57 percent. Democrats, 10 percent. Independents, 33 percent

Jesus Christ, Republicans. Can you at least try to see reality instead of looking at everything through Tang-colored glasses?

In case you needed a reminder, here’s the current state of COVID-19 in the U.S.:

That’s, uh, not good. But why am I telling you? I suppose I should be calling my Republican relatives and acquaintances and telling them to lay off the bath salts for a few months.

Of course, two Americans died of Ebola while Barack Obama was president — and Republicans went ape shit about the dangers of that disease before the 2014 primaries — so it’s clear that conservatives are at least capable of being concerned about a pandemic … if the virus comes from scary Africa and they’ve convinced themselves that the president is a Kenyan terrorist, that is.

Folks, we aren’t going to be able to crowbar these people’s heads out of their own asses in just two months, so we have to outvote them.

Support Joe, and give a little love to Dem candidates up and down the ballot.

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