New poll finds Warren within points of Biden and trouncing him in Likability – Harris did great too

This poll by Perry Undem communication and strategies is really interesting.  Here is an analysis from vox.  There is a caveat. While I believe the poll is very good (their questions are excellent) they do not usually poll presidential elections.  I did some research and they seem to do very good (and innovative) polls on attitudes towards abortion. So the poll might naturally skew to women candidates (we don’t discuss institutional skew nearly enough when discussing polls).

But still, Warren and Harris are way ahead in likability as compared to our crotchety old white men Biden and Sanders) and Warren is soooo close in the actual primary match up with Biden. It also looks like this time “Who would you rather have a beer with?” works in Democrats favor. Gee, I wonder why I am thinking we will never hear that question from the media?

Anyway, Joe Biden’s dominance has perhaps, like his slump, has been great exaggerated.

  • July 29, 2019
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