Here’s some good news today out of Arizona:

By the way, Arizona voters aren’t buying Trump’s fearmongering campaign:

Shyla was one of eight people from the Phoenix area who recently participated in a 90-minute virtual NPR/Marist focus group. The group included Trump supporters, Biden backers and undecided presidential voters. Only participants’ first names were used.

“[Biden] didn’t say he wanted to defund. He didn’t mean it,” said Allen, another Trump supporter. (That’s true: Biden opposes defunding the police.)

“Every time I see it, I laugh,” said Troy, a Biden backer, who then used an expletive to describe the ad.

Stephanie, also a Biden supporter, said it was just Trump being a “fearmonger.”

And Biden has been calling out Trump’s praise of Governor Doug Ducey’s (R. AZ) abysmal response to the coronavirus pandemic:

Biden challenged those comments in a series of posts on Twitter early Friday, contending Ducey was “rushing reopening without adequate testing and contact tracing” and “withholding support for increased testing and making local leaders plead for it.” He also claimed the governor was “refusing to implement a mask mandate” and “turning his back on older Americans and those at greater risk.”

Biden criticized Arizona’s infection and hospitalization rates, case and death counts, and test result delays, describing them as consequences of “the Trump-Ducey model.”

“The truth is that President Trump could have acted months ago to curb this pandemic — it’s obvious he still hasn’t learned his lesson,” he wrote. “He continues to ignore the warnings of health experts and we’re all paying the price.”

And focusing on local issues:

Former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Friday he opposed uranium mining around the Grand Canyon.

“The Grand Canyon is first among the landmarks of our nation — holy to the Tribes who preserve it and call it home, and sacred to all Americans,” said the statement, released Friday afternoon to The Arizona Republic. “This national treasure attracts millions of visitors each year, supporting thousands of jobs for Arizonans and contributing more than $1 billion to the state economy.”

Biden said by allowing mining companies to extract uranium in the Canyon and surrounding lands, the Trump administration threatened to deface the land, poison the lands and water that local communities rely on, and “drive a drill into the heart of one of Arizona’s cultural and economic cornerstones.”

Lets keep up the momentum and flip Arizona Blue. Click below to donate to Biden, Kelly and their fellow Arizona Democrats campaigns:

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