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New “Muslim Travel Ban” floated by Trump regime to accompany election year

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Since going to a pop-concert in Canada while being Iranian-American could make you a potential security risk, The Trump administration is considering an expansion of countries from which to restrict entry and immigration.

The old tricks are the best ones in an election year.


Donald Trump is said to be considering reintroducing his much-maligned travel ban impacting several majority-Muslim countries, despite protests and protracted legal battles that argued the US cannot unilaterally prevent people from entering the country.

According to the Associated Press, the White House is mulling an extension of the ban that the administration established in January 2017, which the president ordered through a series of executive actions to severely restrict travel by citizens of several majority-Muslim nations into the US.

The latest iteration could include severely limit travel from seven additional countries, the AP reports.

Despite several legal challenges and restraining orders, the ban remains in place for citizens travelling from Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen.…


The draft materials obtained by BuzzFeed News do not contain the names of the countries being considered, but the proclamation includes seven slots that contain descriptors for each nation and varied restrictions. The move would represent just the latest in a series of unprecedented efforts by the Trump administration to tighten immigration — and could pointedly come in a reelection year.

While the countries are not listed, the descriptions included do list some indicators. Several countries are listed as not providing the US with “identity information” and presenting a “risk” of “terrorist travel.” One country is an “important strategic partner in the global fight against terrorism” but nevertheless is failing in “identity management” issues. Another country does not “work with the United States on border and immigration security issues.”…

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