New MeidasTouch ad exposes Trump's bottomless hypocrisy on … pretty much everything

I wish for once Donald Trump would project a sense of urgency instead of his own faults onto everyone else.

Who does he think he’s talking to when he says, “The more you lie and demean and collude, the more credibility you lose”? Yeah, we get it. We’ve been living that hell for five years now.

And so have the folks at MeidasTouch:



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I think Joe Biden is an able candidate, and I’m confident he’ll win, but it might have been fun to see Trump run against a Trump impersonator who looks, sounds, and — most importantly — acts just like him. I think it could break his wee brain. His attacks would finally make sense, but would he still make them? Probably. I doubt he’d understand that he’s being mocked.

I nominate this guy:

Sarah Cooper would be a fine choice, too, but I can’t stand the thought of Trump creepily lurking behind her during the debates.

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