Here’s the latest news out of Florida:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has a 6-point lead over President Donald Trump in Florida, a poll of the state’s voters said Friday.
The Florida Atlantic University poll found Biden with 53% to Trump’s 47%.

Besides putting the former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee above the 50% threshold, it also represents a move up for him and a slight move down for Trump
In contrast to Biden’s 6-point lead in the latest poll, which is outside the margin of error, Trump and Biden were effectively tied in FAU’s previous two polls.

Biden had a 2-point advantage in January and Trump had a 2-point advantage in March, both within the margin of error.
In March, FAU found Trump led Biden 51% to 49%.

Here’s some more info:

The latest poll, released Friday, shows a competitive contest among independent voters. Biden earned 41% support among that group, while Trump garnered 39%. That’s well within the poll’s 3.1% margin of error.

Trump does have the edge in terms of enthusiasm. The FAU BEPI poll found 78% of Trump supporters were excited to support his candidacy. Just 64% said the same for Biden.

“While Joe Biden does not seem to generate the enthusiasm that past candidates have garnered, it might not matter,” said Kevin Wagner, a political science professor at FAU.

“Many Democrats seem motivated by the desire to defeat President Trump.”

The issues section of the survey evidences that assertion. A plurality of 28% listed the economy as the most important issue in 2020.

But defeating Trump came in second with 20%. Health care followed with 18%, reelecting Trump with 13% and immigration with 12%.

A plurality of Democrats indicated defeating Trump is their top issue. Republicans listed the economy as their number one, followed by reelecting Trump.

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  • May 15, 2020