Holy cow. This ad was just released in several swing states.

I’m definitely Ridin’ with Biden, but even when I was on team Warren I always had to admit Joe had the best ads in the cycle. He knows how to hit Trump where it hurts.  The one he did about the world laughing at Trump was so burning it infuriated Trump. He was the only candidate to release an entire ad that just focused on Trump’s poisonous hatred, which reminded people he would make Trump’s bigotry an issue.  Yet Joe’s ads could move you as well. The one on losing his son was so touching it reminded everyone that empathy used to reside at the White House.

But damn, this slams Trump on multiple fronts…how he didn’t listen to anyone-including Joe, how he rolled over for China, and even shuts him down for trying to brag about his travel ban. Just watch…

Ouch. I mean… ouch!!!

Not only is this ad good, it shows the top-notch campaign team he has. The Washington Post just revealed that the Trump campaign knows their efforts to rewrite history on Trump’s response is tanking—even if Trump won’t admit it. Their NEW strategy is going to try to somehow tie China to Joe Biden.

Biden’s people were on point… and instantly put this out. It’s going directly into my saved folder, and I can’t wait to use it against some moron who comes across my social media feed. 

We got this, people.

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