“Never Accomplished” Trump disbands the COVID taskforce with possibly 134,475 deaths by August 4

The plan is no plan for IMPOTUS*, the new normal will be a death toll daily equivalent to a 9/11 every day. Federal guidelines are being ignored by states because Trump has decided to ignore it as well.

“The plan is to have no plan” is not a strategy, really. Nor would I call it a policy. It has a kind of logic to it, but this is different from saying it has a design— or a designer. Meaning: I do not want to be too conspiratorial about this. To wing it without a plan is merely the best this government can do, given who heads the table. The manufacture of confusion is just the ruins of Trump’s personality meeting the powers of the presidency. There is no genius there, only a damaged human being playing havoc with our lives.

The plan is to have no plan, to let daily deaths between one and three thousand become a normal thing, and then to create massive confusion about who is responsible — by telling the governors they’re in charge without doing what only the federal government can do, by fighting with the press when it shows up to be briefed, by fixing blame for the virus on China or some other foreign element, and by “flooding the zone with shit,” Steve Bannon’s phrase for overwhelming the system with disinformation, distraction, and denial, which boosts what economists call “search costs” for reliable intelligence.


Five Republican governors: Our states stayed open in the covid-19 pandemic. Here’s why our approach worked.

Mark Gordon, Pete Ricketts, Asa Hutchinson, Kim Reynolds and Mike Parson

Mark Gordon is governor of Wyoming. Pete Ricketts is governor of Nebraska. Asa Hutchinson is governor of Arkansas. Kim Reynolds is governor of Iowa. Mike Parson is governor of Missouri. They are all Republicans.



In this article, we demonstrated how the variations in outbreaks over time reflect adherence to social distancing and the behavioral patterns of people. We also showed that although density plays a critical role in how the outbreak has spread, there are a number of smaller, highly dense communities that appear to be bucking the trend. This article reflects insights we gathered while developing the Topos COVID-19 Compiler — we encourage you to check out our site and share your feedback.



Disease models & differential equations: connecting geographies with time series clustering medium.com/…
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