The top Senate candidate’s website is replete with Getty stock images from around the globe, from Serbia to Indonesia, Hungary to the United Kingdom, to illustrate his made-in-America political views.

One notable shot: Cramer, a staunch ally of Trump who has campaigned heavily on a border-security crackdown, uses a stock image to illustrate the “Illegal immigration and sanctuary cities” section of his website.


The problem? It was taken by Hungarian photographer David Balogh, who has extensively photographed the Hungary-Serbia border crisis, where Hungary’s hard-right anti-immigrant government has erected a fence in response to the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.

TPM also point out that this isn’t the only image issue on Cramer’s website. Under the “Waters of the U.S. rule” section, the image used is a Getty Stock Image of Lake Sentani in Indonesia:


He also uses a Getty Image from Serbia for the Medicare & Social Security section:


And the Farm Bill photo? Not from North Dakota. It’s from a British Photographer:


TPM points out this isn’t the first time Cramer has done this:



Recently, Kevin Cramer posted an image of a veteran on his Twitter and Facebook profiles to highlight his support of North Dakotans who have served in the armed forces. The photo looked a little strange, so I did some digging. The image is no North Dakotan veteran — it’s a stock photo pulled straight from Google. The image is a top result when you search “authentic Vietnam veteran.”

There’s also this incident:

A spokesman for Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer's Senate campaign is apologizing for a photo in a fundraising letter that shows Cramer talking to two Democrats.

Campaign manager Patrick Finken says the photo was “inadvertently used” in a letter to potential Republican donors.

Katherine Satrum, one of the Democrats in the photo, sent a letter to the editor to North Dakota's major newspapers last week criticizing Cramer for the photo. She says it was a “deliberate and dishonest attempt to mislead the public” that she was supporting Cramer.

Finken says the photo was taken in 2014 by Cramer's daughter, Annie, at a Fourth of July celebration at the Capitol in Bismarck. Finken says the person who assembled the letter didn't know the identities of people in the photo with Cramer.

As Cramer continues to get called out for this crap, U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D. ND) is keeping her attacks against Cramer on this key issue:

U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp used a developing trade war Wednesday to draw a line between her and her opponent, U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer, as she seeks re-election.

“The policies that are being advanced by Kevin Cramer—of allowing these tariffs to continue to escalate and allowing the trade war to escalate—present a threat to North Dakota,” Heitkamp, a Democrat, said during an editorial meeting with the Grand Forks newspaper..

Cramer, a Republican, recently held a meeting in Grafton, N.D., to discuss trade with residents and local agriculture leaders. He brought Peter Davidson, chief counsel to the U.S. Commerce Department, who reassured attendees the trade war is a calculated effort to modernize and improve trade deals with the country's strongest partners.

Two of Davidson's most optimistic points included an expected deal with Mexico by September and another with the European Union in the near future.

“Maybe this will sound mean, but I'm not convinced the Department of Commerce really understands what's happening in the soybean market,” Heitkamp said. “The Mexican ambassador tells me 'we're not going to do a deal without Canada.'”

Beyond soybeans, the country can't forget steel tariffs still in place against Canada, she said.

“We have tariffs that he's (President Donald Trump) imposed on imported steel, 25 percent,” she said. “Aluminum it's 10 (percent). Huge cost increase. Everybody says if you buy domestic, you won't have to pay the tax. Well, the whole idea behind tariffs is you raise domestic prices, right? So you can grow a dometic industry.”

Let’s help Heitkamp take down this clown. Click here to donate and get involved with her re-election campaign.

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