Received this e-mail today from VoteVets in support of Cal Cunningham (D. NC) and MJ Hegar’s (D. TX) U.S. Senate campaigns:

MJ Hegar (D. TX)

Last night was a whirlwind but one thing is clearer than ever: Our work has never been more important.

Two races our team has been playing a major role in made significant progress last night. Check it out:

  • First, Cal Cunningham officially secured his spot as the Democratic nominee for Senate in North Carolina. Polls out earlier this week show him up 5 points against Thom Tillis who he’ll face off with in November.
  • Then, one of the most exciting candidates we have this cycle, MJ Hegar, made it into a runoff for the Democratic Senate nomination in Texas.

The same thing is true of both of these races: If we continue our work supporting MJ and Cal, they can — and will — lead us to victory this November.

Our support comes in many forms, but one of the most critical is financial support to run ads online and on TV to help get out the message for our progressive veterans running for Congress.

The results of last night speak for themselves: Our role in this election is critical. That’s why we’re asking you to chip in $3 (or more!) so we can kick our support for these candidates up a notch in the weeks and months to come. You can do so right here.

Both Cal and MJ are running in purple and red areas of the country, places where Democrats don’t always go or are conceded to Mitch McConnell and his Republican network of major donors.

Because of us — because of YOU — we’ve helped push these candidates into viability in Texas and North Carolina. That’s incredible.

Republicans now know what they’re up against, which means they’re sure to flood the airwaves with support for their own vulnerable incumbents in these states, John Cornyn in Texas and Thom Tillis in North Carolina.

It is mission-critical that we send these Republicans packing. Both Cornyn and Tillis have acted like Trump-enabling sycophants who have stood by every dangerous decision Donald Trump has made as president.

Cal and MJ have the moral clarity, grassroots power, and clear-eyed focus to win this November, but only if we all work together.

Consider making a donation to VoteVets today and you can be sure every dollar we raise will go toward winning Cal and MJ’s races and other races just like theirs across the country.

We’ve been up against so much in this election cycle already, from expensive advertising campaigns for our opponents to Republicans meddling in Democratic primaries.

But through it all, we’ve been able to count on this team. We’ve been able to count on each other. And that’s exactly why we have a chance to make history in November, flip some deep red seats to blue, and win.

Thank you for everything.

— The Team at

Click here to donate to Cunningham and Hegar’s campaigns.

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