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NC-Sen: Sen. Chris Murphy (D. CT), “Cal Cunningham (D) can help us end Mitch McConnell's majority”

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D. CT) in support of Cal Cunningham’s (D. NC) U.S. Senate campaign:

Sen. Chris Murphy (D. CT)

Another day has passed with Mitch McConnell refusing to call the Senate back to vote on popular, common-sense gun safety legislation.

So we’re going to keep putting on the pressure and threatening his majority.

Next up on our list to defeat is NRA favorite Thom Tillis. In his last race in North Carolina, the NRA spent an astounding $4.4 million supporting Thom.

That was 2014. It was a good year for Republicans, and he still barely won. Just 1.5% separated him and his opponent on Election Day.

We can beat him, and we have just the candidate to do it: Cal Cunningham. He served overseas in Iraq, so he can handle a tough fight like this.

Cal’s with us in the fight to pass common-sense gun safety legislation, so there’s no doubt the NRA is going to go all-in against him.

If we’ve got his back, he’s going to win.

Split a $5 donation between Cal Cunningham’s campaign and my work building our movement to change our gun laws. This is important.

Defeating NRA favorite Thom Tillis would be a major victory for our movement, and when we do, we’ll end Mitch McConnell’s majority as well.

Every best wish,

Chris Murphy

Click here to donate to Cunningham’s campaign.

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