NC-Sen: NYT, “Not the Convention, or the Election, North Carolina Republicans Hoped For”

The New York Times has a great piece out about the upcoming Republican National Convention in Charlotte and the state GOP’s history gerrymandering North Carolina to push their radical right-wing agenda. The RNC was supposed to be a big event for them but it really just draws attention on how much damaged they’ve done to the Tar Heel State:

North Carolina was supposed to be a more promising opportunity for Republicans, which is why they selected Charlotte, its largest city, as the site of the Republican National Convention this year. The presence of tens of thousands of Trump supporters would be a display of confidence for a party that has carried the state in all but one presidential election since 1980, and planned to do so again. But when the pandemic made that kind of mass gathering unsafe, Mr. Trump got into a spat with state and local officials and moved the festivities to Jacksonville, Fla., only to cancel once that plan proved unfeasible.

A much more scaled-down gathering is taking place in Charlotte this week as several hundred Republican officials from across the country meet to vote on relatively mundane party matters — their movements tracked by Bluetooth sensors and their faces shielded by masks, a must per the party’s rules.

Polls show former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. tied with Mr. Trump here. And the president’s standing is dragging down the incumbent Republican senator, Thom Tillis, who is trailing his Democratic opponent, Cal Cunningham, in most polls.

Give the whole piece a read. The time of reckoning for the North Carolina Republican Party is upon them and Tillis was the ringleader of their bull shit for years. It’s time to flip North Carolina Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Cunningham, Cooper, Biden and their fellow North Carolina Democrats campaigns:

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