NC-Sen: Monmouth Poll Has Cal Cunninngham (D) Beating Thom Tillis 46-45, Biden Beating Trump 47-45

Here’s the latest news out of North Carolina courtesy of Monmouth University’s latest poll:

The Monmouth University Poll finds a tight contest in the state’s U.S. Senate election. Among registered voters, Republican first-term incumbent Thom Tillis has 45% support and his Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham, an attorney and former state legislator, has 46% support. Other voter support goes to Libertarian Shannon Bray (2%) and Kevin Hayes of the Constitution Party (1%), with 5% undecided. There is a very small amount of crossover support for both candidates from the top of the ticket. Trump voters back Tillis by 88% to 6% and Biden voters back Cunningham by 87% to 6%. Cunningham performs slightly weaker among voters of color (70% to 20% for Tillis) than the Democratic candidates in the other two races Monmouth polled. Tillis leads among white voters by 54% to 37%.

Among likely voters in a high turnout scenario, Cunningham has 47% support and Tillis has 45% support. The race is even (46% to 46%) in a low turnout scenario. Tillis won the seat in 2014 by just under two percentage points against then-incumbent Kay Hagan.

In the race for governor, Democratic incumbent Cooper holds a large 51% to 40% lead over his Republican challenger, current Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest. Other voter support goes to Libertarian Steven DeFiore (3%) and Al Pisano of the Constitution Party (1%), with 3% undecided. Cooper gets some crossover support from Trump voters (14% to 80% for Forest) while locking in nearly all Biden voters (93% to 3%). Forest leads Cooper by 53% to 40% among white voters, but Cooper has a commanding 81% to 9% advantage among voters of color.

The incumbent maintains a sizable lead among likely voters by 51% to 42% in both the high turnout and low turnout models. In 2016, Cooper beat then-incumbent Pat McCrory by a razor thin margin of just over 10,000 votes.

The poll finds Gov. Cooper has the best overall image among the candidates included in the poll. Currently, 50% of North Carolina voters have a favorable opinion of him and 31% have an unfavorable one, with 19% having no opinion. His opponent, Forest, earns a 32% favorable and 26% unfavorable rating, with 43% having no opinion. Sen. Tillis gets a split 35% favorable and 35% unfavorable rating, with 31% having no opinion. His challenger, Cunningham, gets a 34% favorable and 22% unfavorable rating, with 44% having no opinion.

Monmouth also has Joe Biden beating Donald Trump in North Carolina 47-45. Monmouth polled 401 voters between August 29th to September 1st.

FYI, Fox News’ latest poll gives Cunningham and Biden bigger leads:



— Political Polls (@Politics_Polls) September 2, 2020

East Carolina University’s poll shows a tied race and Trump with a two point lead:



— Political Polls (@Politics_Polls) September 1, 2020


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  • September 3, 2020