NC-Gov: Pete Buttigieg Helps Gov. Roy Cooper (D) Secure A Second Term


Received this e-mail today from former presidential candidate, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D. IN), in support of Gov. Roy Cooper’s (D. NC) re-election campaign:


2020 is the most critical election of our lifetimes. This unprecedented public health crisis has made it even more urgent that we elect bold, decisive state leaders this November.

Governor Roy Cooper in North Carolina is that kind of leader. That’s why I’m asking you to join me in supporting my friend Roy’s campaign. Will you pitch in $10 to help re-elect Roy?

Roy is guided by his faith to care for all North Carolinians, and he’s a champion for many of the issues we deeply care about.

Since his inauguration, Roy pioneered a forward-thinking plan to fight climate change, repealed discriminatory legislation, banned state funding of conversion therapy, fought to expand access to health care, and protected voting rights.

I’m proud to support Roy. But this is going to be a tough fight. In his last election, Roy won by less than one point — national Republicans are ready to do whatever it takes to try to unseat him.
We can’t let that happen.

So today, I’m hoping you’ll join me in supporting Roy’s re-election campaign as he fights to build a better future for North Carolina. If you can, please pitch in today to help Roy protect his seat.

Roy and I appreciate your help,


Click here to donate to Cooper’s re-election campaign.

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