NC-Gov: Gov. Roy Cooper (D) Helps Tony Evers (D. WI) Fight Back Against The GOP's Power Grab


Received this e-mail today from Governor Roy Cooper’s (D. NC) re-election campaign:

Gov, Roy Cooper (D. NC)

Two years ago, after I was elected Governor but before I was sworn in, Republicans in the legislature went on an unprecedented power grab spree in a lame-duck special session.

Since then, we’ve fought in court and won back much of what was taken away. Because of your help, we have defeated Republican legislators in court and at the ballot box, beating back their attacks against the constitutional checks and balances.

Now, Republican legislators in Wisconsin are trying to do the same thing to Tony Evers, the Democrat elected to replace Governor Scott Walker.

Will you chip in today to help the Evers campaign fight back against these attacks?

Here in North Carolina, we know how these unconstitutional moves turned out for Republicans in the legislature. Just last week, the Associated Press ran this headline: Cooper Wins Again in NC Balance-of-Power Case.

But it’s a long and difficult process and our friends in Wisconsin need our help.

Chip in $5 or more today to fight for our democracy in Wisconsin.

Thanks for all your continued support,


Click here to donate to Evers campaign to fight back.

  • December 13, 2018