NC-09: VoteVets Doubles Down To Help Dan McCready (D) Defeat Trump Footsoldier Dan Bishop (R)

Received this e-mail today from VoteVets in support of Dan McCready's (D. NC-09_ campaign:

Progressive veteran Dan McCready’s special election is coming up. Soon. Very soon.

And let me tell you something about his opponent: Dan Bishop.

Shortly after the “SEND HER BACK!” chants erupted from the crowd at Trump’s rally in North Carolina, the president called Dan Bishop to the stage.

Bishop said nothing about the chants. He simply lavished Trump with praise while the two of them attacked Dan McCready for being a socialist.

Dan Bishop will be another Trump acolyte in Congress. A lapdog. One who does whatever Trump wants.

Dan McCready will be a fresh voice. A Marine. An Iraq War Veteran. But he can’t get there alone. He needs OUR help:

Can you split a $3 contribution between Dan McCready’s special election campaign and VoteVets’ work to support him in this race? This one is so important.

This race will set the pace for the 2020 presidential. It’s a big one. In a state won by Obama and also Trump. So let’s go out and win it. And with our help, Dan will do just that.

All our best,

The team at VoteVets

Click here to donate to McCready’s campaign.

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