NC-09: Rep. Conor Lamb (D. PA) Reminds We Have A Big Special Election In North Carolina Coming Up

Received this e-mail today from Rep. Conor Lamb (D. PA-17) in support of Dan McCready’s (D. NC-09) campaign:

Dan McCready (D. NC-09)

The first time I appeared on a ballot, it was during a special election. Thanks to hard work and support from thousands of volunteers and donors, we were successful. But it wasn’t easy — it’s a lot harder to get voters to the polls when it’s not a regularly scheduled Election Day.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me in supporting Dan McCready, the Marine veteran and Democratic candidate running in the key special election in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional district.

Will you join me in supporting Dan McCready’s campaign? Chip in $5 or more before the special election primary next week »

Dan first ran for Congress in the midterm elections last year. He appeared to come up just 905 votes short on Election Day. But after the election, we learned that an operative hired by his Republican opponent, Mark Harris, stole absentee ballots.

The bipartisan Board of Elections refused to certify the election results and unanimously voted to hold a new special election.

Dan put his life on the line for our country as a Marine. He will represent his district well in Congress, and he deserves a fair election.

Dan is running unopposed in the Democratic primary, but there are nearly a dozen Republicans vying to go against him in November, so he needs our help to start preparing now.

Please join me in helping Dan McCready build the resources he needs to get the word out about his campaign. Before next week’s primary, contribute $5 or more to help him win his special election.

Thank you,


Click here to donate to McCready’s campaign.

  • May 7, 2019