NC-09: Jeff Merkley (D. OR) Helps Dan McCready (D) Ride The Next Blue Wave To Beat Trump's GOPer

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) in support of Dan McCready’s (D. NC-09) campaign:

Dan McCready (D. NC-09)

You could call it the last election of 2018. Or maybe it's the first election of 2020.

Either way, election day is in just a few weeks.

You probably remember this: In North Carolina's 9th District, elections officials unanimously threw out the results of the 2018 election — in which the Republican “won” by less than a thousand votes — because of strong evidence that a now-indicted Republican operative committed election fraud.

The new special election is on September 10, and early voting has already started. This is the home stretch. Donate today and let's put Democrat DanMcCready over the top.

This is our blue wave. This is how we push forward from 2018 on to 2020.

Defeat Donald Trump.

Take back the Senate.

Keep the House.

Each matters tremendously to our nation's future.

That's why it's critical to support Dan McCready. The result of his election can send a strong signal that our 2018 Blue Wave isn't slowing down.

Donate today and let's put Dan over the top!


Click here to donate to McCready’s campaign.